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Each client and candidate has different needs when it comes to employment. Some clients have a project that needs to be completed and do not require a long-term employee.  Some candidates would rather be a Contractor because it provides the flexibility they are looking for and do not want to be a long-term employee.

Whatever your needs are The Peters Search Group(PSG) is able to offer several excellent staffing solutions to meet your needs. Here are the available solutions that we offer:

Direct Placement The candidate becomes an employee of the client on their first day of employment.

Contract Staffing Should you have a short or long term project, we can provide a Contractor to complete the work you need done. The employee will be paid  and have access to benefits through our third party payroll vendor, Top Echelon Contracting (TEC). TEC will be the official Employer of Record handling all of taxes, worker compensation, unemployment and other benefits.

Contract-To-Direct Conversions (Temp-to-Perm) We offer the opportunity for you to hire the contract employee after a predetermined amount of time without any additional fees/charges. By using this option you get to see how the candidate will work in your operation and assess their skills. The candidate also gets the opportunity to look at your operation and make a similar decision to join your firm. You can change your solution from Contracting to Contract-to-Direct after the assignment has started.

1099 to W2 Conversions We will convert your 1099 contract employees to W2 employees by placing them on Top Echelon Contracting payroll at agreed hourly rate that will be attractive to you.

Payroll Services We can provide continuous employment through Top Echelon Contracting for those contractor(s) you want for a long-term project.   An employee/contractor will be eligible to obtain benefits through Top Echelon Contracting.

Have a question or would like additional information on these solutions? Please contact us: 260.316.7784 or info@peterssearchgroup.com.