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Resume Tips

Electronic Format/Files

We can accept resumes in many different types of electronic formats/files.  Some of these are:  rtf .pdf, .doc, .docx. We like using WORD  -.doc and .docx formats. They are very friendly to use. So when You Submit your resume, please send it in a Word (.doc or .docx) format. These are the most commonly used formats that are recognizable and used by the recruiters. The reason that these formats are used is that they are compatible with the many computer systems recruiters use to import resumes into their database.

Resume Design

There are many resume designs as there are grains of sand. There is not one format that is guaranteed to catch the interviewer’s eye or will get you the position you want.  Whichever format you choose to use – Sell yourself!

One format I like lists your accomplishments and skills at the top of the page. This format works well for people that have been out in the work force for a while. By listing your accomplishments and skills you are showing the resume reviewer what you have accomplishment and how the skills you used to make those accomplishments a reality.

You start by  briefly listing (5-6) of your largest accomplishments. Use numbers and dollars, if possible, people understand and related to them.  The larger the number in the accomplishments – the better. You want to single yourself out from the rest of the crowd, so if you sold 150,000 widgets at $6 a piece, say so! If you personally supervised 150 people – say so. If your branch made a profit of $100,000 during the month – say so! Start with this information first! This is the bait that will get you noticed by the  interviewer. This will begin the process of setting you apart from the competition. If interviewer will think “If this person has done this at their past employers – I wonder what they could do for me?”

Then follow with your skills (how you made those accomplishments) “Sold to C level people exclusively”, “excellent interpersonal skills”, “Worked in Quality Improvement Teams”, etc. Follow this by a brief description of your employment history: Employer, location, dates of services, position and, very briefly, position duties. Then follow professional affiliations and activities and references.


Use beige paper and black ink. Beige paper is easy on the eyes and it makes the black ink brighter. Using a dark ink will make the letters/character more easily recognizable by the imaging software.

Print Style

Use a standard print style. Many recruiters and companies are using powerful scanning software to enter and record your resume into a database. By using a standard print font this will ensure the scanning software will work properly and your resume is reviewed, scanned and automatically entered into the software program.

For those that are new to the job market or re-entering after an absence, please see our “Employment 101” article series on our blog.

Have a resume question? Ask us! recruiter@peterssearchgroup.com