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Reasons Why Companies Should Use a Recruiter

1. Saves time and money.  Much time and money is spent placing ads on the national job boards and newspapers, reviewing the resumes that are generated (many not qualified for the position), contacting and interviewing the “qualified candidates”, scheduling them for on-site interviews, etc.  In addition, many companies are not staffed to handle these kinds of searches. Instead a good recruiter is tasked with all of those items – normally at their expense.  A recruiter will be able to provide 1-3 candidates within a reasonable time period. Ideally, a company should be providing a job offer to the successful candidate within 8 -12 weeks of providing an order to the recruiter.

2. Confidentiality. Who needs to know if you are starting a new division, thinking about adding new employees or looking to improve your staff? Certainly not your competition! This is where a good recruiter comes in. They can find the required talent  for the positions without publishing to the who is looking.

3. Networking, Networking & More Networking! Many recruiters are independent one person operations. Some are a part of  larger organizations. However, all good recruiters should have a network of other recruiters that they can ask for assistance if they have trouble finding the proper talent. These people will have connections where others will not.

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