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10 Excellent Reasons to Use a Recruiter

Why use a recruiter (aka Headhunter) when I can respond to ads in the paper, magazines, or online job boards (Monster, Career Builder, etc.)?

Well, here are 10 excellent reasons why to use a recruiter to represent you:

1. There is no charge for the recruiter’s services to the job seeker. The recruiter is  paid by the employer/client company. That is why a good recruiter will look out for your best interests – its in their interest, too!

2. You gain access to the “hidden” job market. Many companies do not use national job boards because they know they are too time consuming (going through all of the resumes- qualified and not qualified, calling, interviewing, etc.) They also know that time is money and a vacancy could cost them a large sum of money if not filled promptly. Companies know that the best talent is produced through a recruiter who they have partnered with that knows their needs. The recruiter can produce 3-5 candidates  available for an interview with a relatively short period of time – saving time and money. The only time you hear about the hidden job market is when you read that someone was hired by the company.

3. Get you into a firm or position you want. Recruiters will target specfic companies that use your specific skill set. If you want to be a part of a specific organization, just let the recruiter know which company and allow the recruiter to use their contacts to try to make it happen.

4. Get the inside scoop. A recruiter can provide you with valuable insight on the company and the culture of the company to  improve the chances of a successful hire.

5. Safe guard your privacy. Think your employer won’t find out your looking? Think again! Some employers have  set up automatic search agents on the big boards to see which of their employees is looking to make a move.

6. A chance to distinguish yourself as an exclusive candidate. It hard to stand out when your resume is one of hundreds on a hiring manager’s desk. Your odds of increasing your visibility improves when you have your own recruiter.

7. Avoid overexposure. Hiring managers like “exclusive” job seekers/candidates and when they see your resume from a job board and an agency this will diminish your perceived value.

8. Maintain  control of your resume. When you submit your resume to a recruiter you know who you gave it to. They should inform you when they send it to a potential client(s).

9. Avoid interruptions. We have heard of job seekers/candidates hounded by scam artists and others during the dinner hour. With a good recruiter, you have one point of contact and they will be discrete with their communications with you. Many recruiters work by appointment to properly schedule their time and honor the job seeker’s work schedule.

10. Take some anxiety out of your job search. A good recruiter will look out for your best interest. A web site will not. A good recruiter will share what they can about their client, some resume tips and some interview techniques.

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