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It seems that each day brings new set of challenges for American business. The stock market is nothing more than a bad roller coaster ride, the government seems that they can not agree on anything, companies suddenly closing, customers increasing then decreasing orders, etc. All of this creates uncertainty. The new standard is – uncertainty. In order to maintain your physical health you need to maintain your flexibility. In order to maintain your corporate health and compete in the global marketplace, companies need to maintain their flexibility – obtaining the proper talent when you need them, changing production levels as well as the product mix on a moment’s notice. Businesses that maintain their corporate health will be successful.

Because of this uncertainty the economy and the “Boomer” retirement trends, not fully retiring but finding different employment, businesses and people are changing the way they hire. Each year our clients find themselves in uncharted employment waters based on their business conditions. We understand that these conditions change, and sometimes with short or no notice. We understand this concept – that is one of the reasons we are here, to provide staffing flexibility to our clients. We will partner with you to find the best employment solution that fits your needs – at that moment in time. We understand that the selected solution could change based upon business conditions.

We offer a broad spectrum of staffing solutions to meet your needs. They are:

Direct Placement

Contract Staffing


Payroll Services

1099 to W2 Conversions

A more detailed explanation of each solution is described on the “Staffing Solutions” page.